Wedding Cake FAQ

Can I order desserts/cake from somewhere else also?

No. In our contract we have an exclusivity agreement. All desserts at your event must come from us unless it is an item we do not offer. This is to protect our reputation that we have worked hard to build.

How early should I book my date?

As soon as possible. We typically book up approx. 6 - 18 months in advance.

How many weddings do you schedule per day?

We book 2 weddings per day to ensure every cake gets the attention it deserves and is delivered on time.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit to book your date is $100, this is non-refundable. This deposit does come off of your final total.

When is the final payment due?

Final payment is due 1 month before your event.

How much does a tasting cost?

Our tastings are free. At the tasting you will be given a variety of cake flavors, fillings, and frostings to mix and match.

How many people can I bring to the tasting?

Our tastings are typically set up for two. If you would like to bring more people, we suggest just 1-2 other people whose opinions you value. While we would love to meet your whole family, it is very hard to make decisions with too many opinions in the mix.

Is the Candle Ready Cakes licensed by the state?


How many mini cupcakes should I order?

3 mini cupcakes per person if our cupcakes are the main dessert.
2 mini cupcakes per person if other desserts are being served.
1 mini cupcakes per person if our cupcakes are being served as a snack.
1-2 mini cupcakes per small child (under the age of 5)

How many Standard cupcakes should I order?

2 cupcakes per person if more than 4 flavors are being ordered
1 ½ cupcakes per person if our cupcakes are the main dessert
½ -1 cupcakes per person if other desserts are being served

If having a dessert table, how many desserts per person>

3 mini desserts per person

Do you offer dummy cakes or faux cakes made of Styrofoam?


Do you provide cake stands?

We do not. We can recommend rental companies for you to rent from.

  • Inside Décor Rental
  • Unique Events Iowa
  • Bel-Aire Rental

We do set up on whatever stands/platters you provide

How far in advance are wedding cakes prepared?

We prepare our wedding cakes max. 1 day in advance

Are your cakes made from scratch?

Yes! Everything we make, from cake to fillings to frostings are made from scratch.

Do you deliver?


When does Candle Ready Cakes deliver?

We typically deliver between 11am-3pm unless otherwise scheduled.

I see you are closed on Sundays. Do you do Sunday weddings?

No. Sunday is our guaranteed day off to spend time with our families. We do not take on any events or deliveries on Sundays. If you would like, you can pick up your order on Saturday as long as you have adequate storage for your cake and/or desserts.

Are there any additional fees to be aware of? What is your cancellation policy?

If cake is cancelled, you will lose the $100 deposit that was placed at the time of booking. If cancelled after you have made your final payment and at least 1 month in advance, you will receive all but the $100 deposit back. Less than 1 month in advance, there will be no refund.