Choose a variety of our 8 daily flavors (please call to find out what flavors are available for your specific date)
If not choosing from our daily flavors, we require a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor

Regular Decor (per dozen) | $25 | $2.50 each
-Regular decor means the cupcakes will be decorated per their flavor with a decadent and delicious look

Specialty Decor(per dozen) | $35.00 | $3.50 each
-Specialty decor means the cupcakes would be decorated per a certain theme.
Example: Ocean theme, Monster faces, floral cupcakes, etc.

Mini-Cupcakes (per dozen) | Standard $12.00 | Premium $15
Standard Mini Cupcake Flavors: Classic White, Classic Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot Premium Mini Flavors: All Other Flavors